Anti Bullying

Anti Bullying With Wing Chun Self Defence.

First of all if you are being bullied there are some things that you should do straight away.

1. Tell A friend or Teacher or Parent or call the National Bullying Helpline. (It is confidential and safe. 01793 338888)

2. Don't keep it to yourself.....It will only get worse.

Having said that there are also effective steps that you can take to help yourself overcome bullying.

Why not consider a simple and effective self defence Kung Fu art called Wing chun. Wing Chun is the perfect solution to the problem of bullying, simple to learn, very direct and effective.

The Wing Chung forms are broken down into three simple sections

Form One. Siu Lim Tao

Form Two. Cham Kiu

Form Tree. Biu Tze.

These forms are explained and demonstrated in detail in out wing chun anti bulling classes.

Wing Chun is a simple and very effective form of self defence and will help to build confidence and self respect.